What Is Poseidon A Greek God

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My god is Poseidon people now him as the god of water and earthquakes the Greeks worship him because he was the god of sea and god of fresh water it important to know about them because the Greeks worshiped them and the Greeks where a part of our history. Cronus and Rhea where his parents. He was the second sun of Cronus and Rhea and eaten by his father at birth but later saved by his brothers and sisters Zeus. He has six siblings their names where Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Zeus they all divide the power of the world Poseidon and Zeus has tension between each other. His rule as a god of sea is to cause storm and calm water. Poseidon used his gift to kill Poleboats. He has a wife and son their names where Amphitrite and Triton. He
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