What Is Pranic Healing?

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Pranic Healing

What is Pranic healing ?
Pranic healing is an healing technique developed by Choa Kok Sui. This healing technique uses the Universal energy, rather known as the all-pervading life force energy 'Prana'. This energy enters the person's energy field and repairs it. There exists a philosophy that the physical body is a reflection of the internal energy body. If the energy body becomes stable, then the physical body remains healthy. Any energy fluctuation inside the energy body causes the physical body to become uneasy. Here is when Pranic healing comes into picture.

How is Pranic healing performed?

It is done in a calm environment under the supervision of a Pranic healing master. The master may suggest various techniques to
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The common element between Reiki healing and Pranic healing is the Universal Energy, better known as the life force energy. The only difference is the way in which this energy is administered to the recipient. In Reiki healing, a master or practitioner acts as a mediator between the universal energy and the recipient's 7 chakras. The master's energy points or chakras are attuned. Hence, the master transfers the universal energy into the recipient by the means of touching by hand. However, in Pranic healing, touch is involved seldomly or rather there's no touch involved at all.

Another difference is the number of chakras. In Reiki healing, importance is given to 7 basic chakras, whereas in Pranic
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In fact, chakra is the center or source of several energy points inside our body. The chakras cater to the different needs of the human body. They are critical in mental and emotional stability. Hence, it's essential to target these chakras to help them recover and enhance their energies.

Myths about Pranic healing

1. Pranic healing cures every disease
No, Pranic healing is a technique that is used as a temporary solution to minor problems. People or organization claiming to cure chronic diseases are thoroughly misleading their clients. The life-force energy is an assisting energy to the existing energy body. The 'Prana' is used to regulate this energy body.

2. Pranic healing is fake
In desperate times, people try out unique practices. Moreover, they may fall prey to duping practitioners and hence they believe that it doesn't work. It is important to understand that small practices like Pranic healing are for minor disorders only. By believing too much in it, you would only deceive yourself. Pranic healing is basically an activity that helps in stress relieving, re-energizing the energy body and revitalizing the mind, body and emotions to work in
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