What Is Priori Research And Present Era

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- In this paper the study examines the ‘Priori research’ role in accounting which covers history and present era. It has been declared in the year 1960 as a golden age. Over the period of time various critiques have criticized the piece of works cited. According to Nelson, there has been very slow progress from the year 1960 to now. He is also of the view that priori studies have values which may be considered doubtful. The other view given is by Dopuch and Revsine and they claim that work is full of deficiencies. They have also given preference to any other set of accounting procedures, which may depend on the particular priori model being adopted. Laterthe writer presents a different angle emphasizing on the fact that these criticism over the passage of time are not based on facts. It has been observed that they are misunderstandings developed related to the role of priori research in the overthrow of concepts. These works have been considered relevant and important steps. A light is thrown on scientific revolutions and how new set of ideas are developed with the passage of time. The major steps identified are five. They are the recognition of anomalies which leads to insecure period. The new ideas are developed and new school of thoughts is identified which leads to new ideas and principles. The process of change and how it takes place has been discussed. Accounting records are maintained by following few techniques. The conventional accounting practices and solutions
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