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Product, Price, Place, and Promotion The product will be priced where a lot of the consumers will be able to easily afford to buy the product and use the product. There are a few bat sensors being sold in today’s market. Some of those competing products are Zepp Baseball 3D, Blast Baseball 360 swing, Marucci Smart Bat and much more. The ranges of prices for each of the products go anywhere from 50 to 150 dollars. Each of the products’ main features is an evaluation of the swing and breaking down the swing to better understand it. A good price for this product will be 80 dollars. The one pricing method that will be used is demand-oriented pricing method. This method is when the marketing person will determine the product’s price on what a…show more content…
Sporting goods stores are Dick’s Sporting Goods, Play it Again Sports, Direct Sports, and Wal-Mart. The product will be first created at a factory then it must be transported to a company to be sold and purchased. The sensor will also be able to be purchased from an online store or directly from the manufacturer. If the product is bought online then the product is shipped to the customer’s house. Making a product available to buy online allow the customer to stay at home and get it shipped to their house without ever having to leave home (Hartley, 2016). Shopping online is quick and easy which does not take a lot of effort. The one thing that turns a lot of people off from shopping at a store has to deal with other customers (Hartley, 2016). Selling the sensor online also allows customers from all over the country buy the product. The customer will not have to worry about operation hours of business because online the product will be available at any time as long as it is still in stock (Hartley, 2016). Plus shopping online saves the customer time because they do not have to drive to the store and search for the product then wait in line to buy the sensor. The best form of distribution of the product will be intensive distribution. Intensive distribution is where the product will be made available at sporting good stores, outlets and department stores (Pitts & Stotlar, 2013, p.291). Being sold in many different stores will allow the product

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