What Is Propaganda?

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Nowadays, propaganda has changed and developed. Also, it can affect our lives, but we will not realize that. In this essay, I will discuss in propaganda, basically in convincing, how sender sends the message, how receives accept the message and what are the feathers aspect of the art propaganda.
Started with, propaganda was developed in a different way, such as in media, magazine, radio, Television and film. All this in order to get a large number of audiences to convince them for something (Propaganda Analysis, 1938). Also, government opens the institute to educate public the way to use the propaganda. Alfred Lee believes that propaganda involves the conviction. He knows propaganda as influencing their attitudes, opinions and public work (Rinehart, 1953), 18. Here it like when someone influencing you for something it does not mean that it is bad or she/he know more than you, it could mean to protect you to think individually
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These forms were transferred from the sender to receive message. Sender her give a message about something to convince the receiver. The goals her to get a message. For example, the conversation between the professor and student, that the professor talk about the rules in the classroom, such as pay attention and participate, and students her receive the message for what is the rules of the classroom.
In traditionally way, theorists provides some suggestion for analyzing the Propaganda, like we should ask who try to convince us?. Also, who sends the message? However, Speier argues that the sender should be from government, and I agree with him because if it by citizen it can have much harassment in society or have politic conflict that can destroy the state and people might take negative action or decisions. For example, citizens can give a bribe to get their
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