What Is Providing Patient Centered Care And Its Correlation With Other Theories Of Human Need

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Concept analysis can be generalized as the identification of an idea or general impression into its separate parts in order to understand the idea as a whole; while putting emphasis on the perceptions that are figurative in nature that can cause confusion or vagueness (Kelly & Vincent, 2011). In examining the meaning an implication of providing patient-centered care we must look at it from a theoretical perspective; for instance Faye G. Abdellah and colleagues created a framework that identified the many aspects of the patient that needed to be addressed. It was this approach that devised the idea of patient-centered nursing practice and its correlation with other theories of human need. Additionally, the works of Jean Watson and her Caring theory further defined that truly caring for your patients requires a relationship between the healthcare worker and the patient, along with the impact and importance of interpersonal skill development while focusing on the patient (Carter et al., 2008). To define and correlate the effectiveness of a patient-centered care approach (PCCA) as a caring and enhancer of the nurse-patient relations; this paper will be using Walker and Avant’s model of concept analysis eight steps to identify and outline the pertinent aspects of the PCCA while using current literature and research to support its importance in current nursing practice. The intent of this analysis is to consider PCCA contextually and offer a universal definition that promotes the
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