What Is Public Administration Nd the Role of the Public Administrator

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What is Public Administration and the Role of the Public Administrator Cynthia A. Fortune California State University Northridge MPA 610 September 20, 2012 Dr. Suzanne Beaumaster WHAT IS PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION AND THE ROLE OF THE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR? Public Administration is a function of government, a government in action, be it a local agency, city, county, state or federal government. It is the process by which non-elected government employees implement rules, regulations, laws, policies and procedures established by the elected or appointed officials. It is the carrying out of public law and regulations. The Role of the Public Administrator is to ensure that all these rules, regulations, etc., established by the elected or…show more content…
In addition, the administrator must be prepared to handle any emergency or contingency during the planning, directing and implementation of the service (he/she better have a Plan B). The administrator leads, delegates, plan, hires, and manages. He/she also evaluates the services provided to the public and measures the performance, effectiveness, productivity and efficiency of the implementation of the services. Our role as administrators is to ensure that the government entity we work for provides services and programs to our community through the efficient and effective use of available resources. In the world of finance, I, as a financial manager of a city, provide guidelines to other city departments on planning and preparing their proposed budgets. These guidelines include justifying the services they currently provide and the revenue sources that support these services. Should a department request additional funding for a new service or program, I
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