What Is Quantum Teleportation Real And Achieved Moving An Atom?

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Is it possible for an object or a person to be taken apart into atoms and be put back together in another location, or another word can a person teleport? Even though teleportation sounds like science fiction, it does indeed exist just in a smaller scale. Up to this day scientists were able to make quantum teleportation real and achieved moving an atom from location A to location B in seconds. According to Jon Austin professor Michio Kaku of City University, New York, maintains the technology to teleport a living person to another part of the Earth or even space could be available within decades or at by the next century. The existence of an actual teleport has been proven and demonstrated by Michio Kaku. The overall definition of quantum teleportation is that something is able to travel from one location to the other instantly and without any contact. The in-depth definition is that an atom or a molecule can break the distance in a moment without any contact between location and on a quantum level. Quantum teleportation considers all living and nonliving things as data. People consist of data that is maintained in atoms and molecules. and theoretically human body can be taken apart into atoms and put back together in a different place. Michio Kaku went to high school Kaberle in Palo Alto, California. He was an incredibly gifted student. As a part of the project at school, he built a particle accelerator in the garage of his parents. Michio built a machine from 400

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