Essay about What Is R&B and Hip Hop Anymore?

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Music is a form of expression that delivers a message. However over the years, the message of music has changed. Hundreds of years ago, music started with slaves. The slaves would sing spiritual hymns to motivate them and help keep up their spirits. Later, R&B and Hip Hop formed and at first there were motivational songs and rappers even rapped about a better life. But over the last thirty years the motivational songs have ceased. R&B and Hip Hop now is degrading to women, less subtle, and influences bad behavior. The use of derogative language is very common in new songs. Especially the derogative word “bitch”, which is used as much as a person says hello. The real meaning of that word is actually female dog, but rappers use it talk…show more content…
In “Rock the Boat” many people did not know what she was referring to until they really sat down and listened. Nowadays all a person has to do is hear a song once and he or she could figure out the whole song. Not only do songs nowadays have no filter, they also influence bad behavior. Songs such as “John” by Lil Wayne and Rick Ross, and “Crack” by 2 Chainz influence behaviors such as shooting people and selling drugs. “John” talks about how they have an AK-47 in their trunk and Lil Wayne says load it up and “hit them where it hurt.” Later in the song Lil Wayne says, “You know the rule, kill them all and keep moving.” This means just shoot and act like nothing happened. In 2 Chainz’s song he talks about how he is standing on the corners selling crack, cooking it in his kitchen, and has over one thousand grams of it on him. The future generations of America are listening to this stuff, and it is corrupting their minds. R&B and Hip Hop music has definitely changed over the years. It is now very degrading to women, less subtle, and a bad influence on people. Music used to motivate people and teach them how to treat women right. Now music tells people how to talk down to women and have power over them. Songs used to talk about sex before but in a way where it was not as noticeable; but now it is very common to sing or rap about one’s sexual fantasies. Many songs now only
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