What Is Race And Ethnic Relations?

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Race has always been an indicator of who you are and where you will be placed in the society of the United States. The Europeans, since the conquering of the Americas, dominated over the Native Americans and frown down upon them for their differences, they were viewed as too dark and “uncivilized.” At this very moment in which the Europeans viewed down upon the Native Americans was the moment race and ethnicity began to be an important factor in the New World. Since the Europeans were able to conquer over the Native Americans, they essentially became the dominant race, which was further established when slavery began. With this in mind, I will be discussing what race and ethnic relations are in the United States and how the minority groups of the United States use their race and/or ethnicity in their society. I will examine these experiences and explain why they occur by going into depth as to what race and ethnicity really are, analyzing the racial formation theory by Michael Omi and Howard Winant and lastly explore how ethnic groups practice their racial and ethnic ideologies.…show more content…
Race is a social construction that classifies people into categories based on physical characteristics, while ethnicity, on the other hand, is shared beliefs, religion, language and /or culture (Omi & Winant, 2015). Now, by knowing what exactly each concept is, the study of race and ethnic relations is essentially seeing how these two forms of identification impacts the experience an individual in the United States may undergo. Essentially it is looking at these two components through the structure of a particular society and seeing how those structures act based off an individual’s race and
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