What Is Racial Bias?

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What is racial bias? Racial biases are a form of implicit bias. Which often refers to the attitude or stereotypes that affects an individual’s understanding, actions, and decisions in a unconscious manner. What is race? Race is a group of people thought to share certain distinctive physical characteristics; facial structure, skin color, etc. Racial characteristics are thought to be biologically inherited unlike ethnic characteristics, which are cultural. This test result really made me think a lot. I was born in Santa Monica, California then soon after that to Tokyo, Japan then finally to Cincinnati, Ohio. Although people may think that Tokyo is international, Japan is still very homogenous and there are more segregation of society by race. Socioeconomic of Japan is by far concentrated towards regular company workers with normal pay, this results majority of people in Tokyo as Japanese middle class. Tokyo, is where I grew up and it is very urban with total population of the city being over 11 million. As I mentioned earlier Japan is a very homogeneous country, because it is completely surrounded by ocean, and in the past during the Edo era Japan did not have any trade or communication with other countries or approximately 300 years. All of this makes Japan in a bad way a fairly racist country where it is much more difficult for non Japanese to for in society. In Japan you get Japanese privilege irregardless of your socioeconomic status. Society as large corporations will
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