What Is Ragland, Captain Jones: A Narrative Fiction

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"Hey Ragland, Captain Jones wants to see you in his office," said our lieutenant. "Oh okay," I replied timidly. I then proceeded to walk down to his office and stood outside of his office and waited for him to wave me in. Raising my hand in a salute I said, "cadet Ragland reporting in sir." "Come in," he said with a concerned look. "You needed me, right?" "Yeah, shut the door" I turned around and shut the door. When I turned around Cpt Jones had a strobe light pointed at my face. "Oh that's bright," I said squinting. Weird "Yep" Pop! I heard what sounded like a nerf gun. "My face!" Cried Jameson. "Now if you don’t answer this honestly, he gets another one to the face," he said, moving the light away from my eyes so
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