What Is Rational Persuasion?

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I would think it would depend on the situation on hand to which tactic would work best for the team leader (Griffith & Dunham, 2015). I believe the rational persuasion, inspirational appeal, and consultation would be the best tactics to influence people (Griffith & Dunham, 2015). We do know that with each tactic you will not get the same results.

The rational persuasion is a tactic leader put the facts table and present their argument (N.P., 2011). This is the method that is most accepted. People use rational persuasion to get a point across to management and board members (N.P., 2011).

The inspirational appeal is a tactic leader use “in a downward way to influence high performance in a team” (N.P., 2011, p.1). I like this tactic the most;
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