What Is Rational Unified Process?

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UML Question 1 - What is UML?
UML which stands for Unified Model Language is a developmental modelling language that allows the user to specify and visualise document models of software systems. UML comes in a large amount of tools that allow you to analyse your applications future requirements and develop a solution to achieve these requirements. The current version of Unified Modeling Language version contains thirteen different types of diagrams that can be separated into three categories: Structure Diagrams and Behaviour Diagrams and Interaction Diagrams.

Structural Diagrams contains six Diagrams types: Object Diagram, Component Diagram, Class Diagram, Composite Structure Diagram, Deployment Diagram, and a Package Diagram.

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Using UML for a system allows the developers to get a deeper understanding of the system they’re developing which can expose risks in the system allowing them to be fixed before release.

Question 3 - What is Rational’s Unified Process?
RUP which stands for Rational Unified Process is a methodology used for Object Orientated and Web enabled program development. The Rational Unified Process provides guidelines along with templates and examples for all stages of the system development. RUP provides companies with a way to structure the creation of its software. It does this by using four phases of development which are in this order: Inception Phase, Elaboration Phase, Construction Phase, and Transition Phase.

Question 4 - Describe each of the phases and workflows of RUP
Phases are used by analysts to develop systems in an iterative and incremental manner.
Rational Unified Process is made up of four
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The supporting workflow is to focus on the managerial aspects of the information systems development.

Project Management Workflow – Unlike the other phases the Project Management Workflow is active during all phases of RUP. The project management workflow covers activities such as risk identification and their management, time to complete each iteration of the project and tracking the overall progress of the system.

Configuration and Change Management Workflow – The configuration and change management workflows purpose is to keep up to date in the current state of the evolving system. It also keeps track of the project management information which includes details like the author, time, and location of each modification. This workflow takes place during the Construction and Transition phase.

Environment Workflow – When developing an information system, the various development teams will need to use different tools and processes. The purpose of the environment workflow is to address these needs by acquiring and installing the needed tools. The environment workflows can be used during all phases but is mostly involved with the Inception
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