What Is Reality?

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What is reality? Is it something that shapes us and alters our entire life and everything around us or is reality something that we create? That’s a question that puzzles a lot of us but one guy in particular was puzzled a lot. His name was Thomas Young and he discovered that the laws of quantum mechanics can sometimes be altered just by looking at them. In this essay I talk about how Young devised and executed an experiment that was very interesting because it made discoveries in light waves, particle duality, and what reality is. For centuries people have questioned if light is a particle or a wave. In fact in the late sixteen hundreds newton stated that light is a particle. Also at the same time period a Dutch physics by the name of Christiaan Huygens claimed that light was a wave. But in the early eighteen hundreds Thomas Young decided he was going to devised a plan on how to test it. Mr. Young invented the double slit experiment but before someone can they need to understand how particles and waves act. Let’s imagine you have a gun that shoots marbles at a wall with a slit in it. On the other side of the wall there is another wall with a line in is showing where the marbles hit it. Now let’s imagine the same thing again but with two slits. What happens? Well two lines with show up on the back wall of course because the marbles shoot in one direction and shoot straight through one of the slits and into the wall. Well what if we try the same thing but with waves. If we
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