What Is Reasonable Force?

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Blake Strickland Professor Julie Moore-Felux English 1302-204 June 28, 2016 What is Reasonable Force? Police officers come in contact with many different types of people and are put in different types of situations every day. Each situation they respond to, they have to resort back to all of the training they have been put through and use it in that situation. So when it comes to a life or death situation, they try to use the most reasonable use of force that will save their lives, a civilians life, or even the suspects life. If they can find a way to stop the suspect without killing them or causing serious damage, then they are trained to try to do just that. Reasonable force might seem reasonable during a situation when your adrenaline is going and you are trying to fight for your life, but for outsiders that have never been in a situation like that, seem to think they know exactly how they would react in a certain situation, and think the police officer is using excessive force. When a suspect is being non-compliant, the officer response on the use of force model rises. If the suspect begins to become physical, then the officer has to become physical or use non-lethal weapons to attempt to stop the suspect from doing whatever they are doing. For some reason people don 't understand that if they are just compliant and respectful to the officer, then things will go a lot smoother than they will if they try to resist or fight the officer. Police officers are highly
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