What Is Reflective Practice

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What is Reflective practice After understanding the perspectives of teacher on teaching and learning outcome its important to understand what reflective practices are and how it contributes to continuous teacher’s professional development. The reflective approach draws on Dewey’s (1993) and Schon’s work (1983,1987) where Dewey defined reflection as active persistent and careful consideration of beliefs. He referred to reflection as thought from puzzlement felt in direct experiences which is an important aspect of learning from experience. Reflective thinking helps practitioners to act in intentional and deliberative ways rather than in a blind and impulsive manner. Reflective practices are usually a process of metacognition which works on ones existing knowledge and helps assist in problem solving. Therefore, how people think and reflect on their prior experiences will help in influencing their professional…show more content…
Since reflection is a self-assessment process it brings about the scope in one’s own growth and learning and helps in reconstructing ones experiences because learning is nothing but an integration of experiences and the knowledge base that is quite comprehensive Reflective practices show a clear shift from regular prescriptive practices to a more autonomous form through cooperation and team work which help contribute to better school improvement process and also when we think of reflection it should not be limited only to the technical skills improvement but must also take into consideration the ethical social and political context in which teaching occurs. These processes must not be restricted to individual task but must address a collaborative approach that help create improvements in educational practices and social relationships that underlie these
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