What Is Rider 's Physical Development?

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Rider is a boy who was born August 31st, 2012. He was 41-42 months old when I observed him. He was 41 inches tall and about 35 pounds when I met with him and his family. He lives with his foster parents, his four older foster siblings ranging from the ages of seven to sixteen, and a disabled foster grandmother. His biological parents both visit him on a weekly schedule that are supervised. His foster family is related to him, as the foster father is his maternal uncle. He attends a preschool 5 days a week in the afternoons and his foster mother runs a licensed in home daycare where she watches 5 other children ranging from the ages of eight months to four years old. His foster mother was the only person who I interviewed, but all of his older siblings helped me administer the ASQ.
Physical Development Rider’s physical development is not one that I would worry about if I were is caregivers. According to his ASQ, he scored a 60 out of 60 on his gross motor and a 35 out of 60 (the cutoff is 19.82) on his fine motor. The only problem he showed at all in the ASQ was with the writing and holding onto a writing utensil. In an anecdotal note I made on 3/5/2016, he was happy to draw with his older sister, copying her drawings. But the event didn’t last very long and his attention was elsewhere after that interaction. In another anecdotal note I made on 3/12/2016, Rider was much more interested in the new coloring book I brought with me, but his fine motor skills were
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