What Is Ruining America?

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“What is Ruining America?” It is another typical New Year’s Eve in United States and most of America spends the night celebrating a new year with food, alcohol, and friends in an American tradition. Although New Year’s Eve is great night of fun most people know that the next day will just be the start of another year that will most likely go the same as the previous year. With this new year a lot of Americans will participate in another tradition by making a New Year’s resolution. For a significant number of Americans this resolution happens to deal with a huge problem in the United States, weight loss. People who take on this resolution will vow to eat better, work out more and take on more healthy habits, but in reality most people never make it to the goal they set and will most likely take the same exact vow the next year. It is no secret that obesity is a huge problem in the United States especially when it comes to children. In fact child obesity has more than doubled in the last 30 years and tripled in adolescents (Cherney, 2013). Many people have blamed this problem on different things, but one of the most obvious and most agreed on reason is the amount of processed food that Americans consume. Processed foods are everywhere in today’s culture. It is impossible to turn on the television or drive anywhere without some type of processed fattening food being forced upon you. Processed food is not only causing obesity and health problems, but is also causing a lazy
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