What Is Sam Smith A Paragon Of The Virtue Of Prudence?

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I agree Charles, the book states, “In his elder days Sam Smith was a paragon of the virtue of Prudence. Prudence, or wisdom as practical knowledge, knowing what to do, when to do, and how to do the best thing according to the circumstances at hand. “ (De Simone, M., & Dudley, R. 2014, p. 195) A good example is when he sent General Stricker out to North Point year early to scout the area out. That’s Comparable to what we do in the Fire department when we inspect target hazards or from the Emergency Management stand point when a preparedness plan in created. It starts with good working habits. So many times I have seen officer being caught off guard on emergency situation that would have been avoided if they would have been prepared. Sam Smith leadership was formed by frequent repetition of desired good habits of behavior.…show more content…
2014, p. 196) This is a great quote for every officer in the fire department to
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