What Is Scientific Management? How Might Today's Organization Use It?

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What is scientific management? How might today’s organization use it?Kristine Martin
MGT 105.94; Principles of Management
Unit 1 Homework Assignment
Management leading & collaborating in a competitive world (Bateman & Snell)
Text p. 43 Discussion Questions 2, 4, and 6

2) What is scientific management? How might today’s organization use it?

According to (Bateman & Snell) scientific management approach advocated the application of scientific methods to analyze work and to determine how to complete production efficiently. There are four principles:

1) Management had to develop a scientific approach of each part of the job and this would replace the traditional general guidelines. 2) Management would have to
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McDonald’s has a vast system of inputs. They use the term Good Governance, this starts with their Board (top level executives). Due to their independence it guarantees candid and constructive participation with management on all aspects of business. McDonald’s has also put in place five governing bodies that monitor and manage the day to day issues. They have also put into place a Standards of Business Conduct, which provide a model for living up to the core values of the company. McDonald’s is committed to their employees; they have built an employment value proposition which is Respect, Commitment, and Talent Management (McDonald’s Worldwide CR Report 2009). This in effect is the value of what their company offers to their employees, from crew members to managers, and what they get in exchange for their commitment and job performance. Some of these outputs McDonald’s have are education, profit sharing, and benefits. According to the 2006 results of the Global Restaurant Operations Improvement Process and the 2008 Annual Employee Commitment survey 84% of restaurant crew members in McDonald’s nine largest markets said that they would recommend working for McDonald’s (McDonald’s Worldwide CR Report 2009). McDonald’s profit sharing is one of the best out there; they match 3 to 1 starting from 1%. McDonald’s offer many forms of educational advancement, they have the Leadership Institute; it gives McDonald’s leaders the