What Is Self-Disclosure?

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Apart from the typical self-disclosure that exists between friends, there is another form of self-disclosure that occurs due to a threat or pain. As Derlaga & Berg (2013) describes, people describe their feelings, dreams and aims to other people due to various reasons (Derlaga & Berg, 2013). For example, people can disclose their feelings as a result of pain or anger. In this film, Pia discloses her feelings to Viru, his father due to anger of the pestering pressure he applied on her brother that made him commit suicide. Self-disclosure resulting from anger ruins a relationship rather than develop it because the information conveyed during the disclosure moment is usually negative. Although the recipient may experience remorse and take responsibility…show more content…
The verbal and non-verbal cues employed in the film successful in attracting a large audience. The cultural, educational, and parental conflict portray the challenges that exist in the Indian society that must be eliminated to achieve progress. The essay also discusses self-disclosure as an instrumental factor that the author uses to communicate to the audience. Sarcasm and plot development contribute to the comedy and easy understanding of the movie. As discussed in the essay, effective or rather competent communication is not just an important factor in a film, but rather it is a mandatory instrument that must be used precisely and efficiently to achieve the required results. In fact, excellent communication entertains and attracts a large…show more content…
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