What Is Sexting Deviant

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The purpose of the article is to provide a holistic understanding of the sexting experiences between men and women by interviewing 40 young people aged 18-25 years. Further, the interview aims to explore the motivation and rationale behind individuals participates in sexualized culture, particularly sexting. The findings revealed “sexting as an everyday” socio-sexual operation countering with the common conception viewing sexting as “risky” and deviant. This research focuses on the daily negotiation and involvement of sexting rather than the overgeneralized interpretation of the sexting as dangerous and deviant. Findings concluded that sexting as a common practice every day but consisted of complex negotiations meaning that there are many reasons why young people would engage in sexting in different contexts. First, the author mentioned that distribution of nude, semi-nude images can be regarded as a source of humour in showing the peer bonding. This is a common phenomenon occurred in males groups for the grounds of continuing peer relationship. For example, they may show their own…show more content…
Both Dylan and Brooke’s case revealed sexting is a method to keep peer bonding, which can also be regarded as a joke. It shows that it is a common practice in male atmosphere. What’s more, Brooke’s experience disclosed sexting as a technique in collecting feedback about one’s appearance. Females would compare with the other’s figure for the self. On one hand, the prejudiced comment of the unauthorized sharing of private images from the society has been revealed according to the Megan’s case. Unfortunately, it seems that the society shifts the non-nonconsensual sharing as the consequence of her unintelligent choices. In fact, Jane’s case shows the necessity of sexting in the context of long-distance association which means sexting is an indispensable element of the above
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