What Is Shame Essay

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Shame is bad for society. A lot of kids don’t really learn about shame until the go to school or just go in public in general. For example Dick Gregory didn’t learn about shame until he went to school. He never thought anything was wrong with being poor or with what he wore. But when he went to school other kids had nicer things and more money than he did. For some reason all the kids in school that have really nice things, thinks it is okay to bash the kids who don’t have nice things. I always had nice clothes and shoes in school, but I never shamed anyone who didn’t have a lot of nice things. Shame is what causes kids to commit suicide and not want to go to school or anything like that. Shame can be a very bad thing for society, there are some people who dread going to Walmart because of people making fun of…show more content…
Most people don’t use shame to help other people though. If someone is an drug addict or in and out of jail or whatever the cause maybe shame could be what makes them keep doing those things. I can’t say that for everyone because I have actually seen where shame helps those kind of people. For example if someone who is in and out of jail meets people who have never been to jail and those people constantly shame him about being in jail all the time that could help him stay out of jail. I actually know someone who was into drugs and who just got out of jail a few months ago, and before they went back to jail they was living with my mom and I and had it made. But they decided to make some stupid decisions that landed them back in jail. Now that they have been out of jail and back with my mom and I they realised they had it made. Well they actually releaised that when they went back to jail. Giving my mom and his mom kind of shamed him when he went back to jail but it actually seemed to help him. Because now he dosen’t do any of those things anymore and he dosen’t want
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