What Is Six Areas Of Team Effectiveness?

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Bateman et al. (2002) identifies six areas of team effectiveness, which can be evaluated on an ongoing basis, at the end of a project or at a specific stage in the process. First, team synergy, there is a shared sense of purpose and identity within the team. Second, performance objectives, there are clear objectives in terms of budgets, activity levels, which are monitored. Third, skills, the team members are adequately trained and competent to do their work. Fourth, use of resources, resources including people, buildings and equipment are used effectively and to their full potential. Fifth, innovation, the team constantly looks for ways to improve products and systems of work. Sixth, quality, having a high level of customer awareness; standards are identified and monitored. Developing statements based off of the six areas and soliciting feedback from the team will assist with discussions and identifying areas that are of a concern that need to be addressed in order to reach the end goal. Background The team that makes up Canteen San Diego is very diverse, we come from various backgrounds and areas of the world. As our District Operations Manager (DOM), I manage three Customer Service Managers (CSM). I transferred from a branch outside of the area, which was very successful and operating as Canteen, to take a promotion from a CSM to a DOM. This was a challenge because the branch that I transferred into was originally independently owned and operated and a family
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