What Is Skyscrapers

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Skyscrapers are the result of modernisation and advanced thinking of human being beyond its limits. They are not only a piece of beauty but also a landmark, a historic place and for some people, skyscrapers are no less than wonders.

What is a Skyscraper ?
Skyscraper is a tall, continuous, habitable building with many floors usually more than 60 that can be used for residential, commercial or office use. Although, there is no proper definition of skyscrapers in dictionary or civil engineering term but they are often regarded as tall and heavy buildings. Speaking in terms of non technical language, a skyscraper is a tall building with various purposes, restaurant, market, offices, sometimes observatory for having a panoramic view of the city.
A building can be called as skyscraper if it goes well above its environment and changes the overall skyline. The height of skyscraper is increasing as the time goes on because of the
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Because of the fact that it is cheaper, could be riveted, easily joined, and can be shaped in variety of shapes. It is much stronger and can sustain more load in horizontal and vertical direction.
Steel in form of reality is better than concrete or bricks. What can't be done in history is now possible only because of the invention of steel.
It can also be made in stainless form which has its own benefits. Steel can be welded at the corners very easily so now alignment using leveller is not used. Steel also increases the strength and capability or ability of the structure to resist shear and compressive stress. Also making walls and other things in super structure with bricks and concrete needs a process called curing. Whereas when we are making a structure with the help of steel, we reduce cost of construction, the time period of construction, and the deaths (if takes place). That is why, steel is preferred over bricks and
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