What Is Slam Poetry

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Healing and entertaining people through rhythmic storytelling are the corner stone of slam poetry. Slam poetry is a type of type poetry where people read their poems without props, costumes or music (A Brief Guide to slam poetry. 2004). It is usually original work that talks about themes and subject that people can relate to. Invented in the 1980s by a Chicago construction worker named March Smith, it started as a form of storytelling and they used rhythm to make it entertaining (What is slam poetry? .2013). The essay is about a South African poet Koleka Putuma within details about biographical background of the poet’s life, body of work, performance style and analysis of her poem that will be provided.
Koleka Putuma
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She’s also written about the conversations that she heard from different people, her content is religious and being raised in a Christian home. Koleka Putuma is doing drama at the moment she knows diverse ways of performing pieces of any kind. She uses some theatre elements when she is performing music and acting techniques. The use of music in her poems is to convey the certain mood and style (underscoring), with acting techniques she uses motivational gestures to indicate importance word or line in the text. The dynamic manner in which Koleka Putuma performs her poetry has no restriction for audience.
Poem tittle: WOMAN
This is her narrative,
Sketching comparative analysis
That cannot be defined by the architect of her hips or backside
These words a microscope into her smile and mind
Aligned with the testament of time
That by breath, dust and rib-from Adam
A masterpiece unfathomable was fashioned and
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Poem tittle: I am a performer
I am a performer, perfectly portraying the pain
Of people who are perpetrated, I dance for the dark man
Struggled, I sing with my voice so loud for the heroes of my land.
I feel the pain they felt as I say what they said and do what they did.
Why are you amazed by the way I curse so confidently?
Forgive me I’m just a performer perfectly portraying the pain of those who were patronized.
I am dressed in the spirit of men and women who exist in imaginative
People’s minds, just a character, even sometimes I feel not real but it’s the love that keeps me believing, am I not the gift that keeps on giving? These steps I walk on stage have meaning.
Sometimes I swear at God, forgive me if I’m sinning but I’m just a performer who perfectly
Portray the pride of the people who perished.
Reciting the world’s feelings, their sadness
I keep healing, see I’m not always sad and angry sometimes I leave them laughing because I am a comedian. Am not amazing? I hold the Earth’s emotions I say words that move nations, sometimes I am silent but they can hear me, because the pandemonium in my heart says everything. Can’t you see I am a performer perfectly portraying
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