What Is Smallpox Vaccine?

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There are several different kinds of communicable diseases in today’s society. Smallpox happens to be one. Smallpox is considered to be a contagious, and fatal infectious disease. Smallpox has been existence for over 200 years, and the first known outbreak strated in Eruope and traveled to India and parts of Asia. “The pox part of smallpox is derived from the Latin word for “spotted” and refers to the raised bumps that appear on the face and body of an infected person,” (CDC, 2016, para 1). Smallpox is caused by the Variola virus. There are two clinical forms of smallpox, Variola major and minor. The most common form of smallpox is Variola major which is the most severe. “The last case of smallpox in the United States was in 1949. The last…show more content…
Research is underway to find an effective anti-viral medication but those who are ill with smallpox need to be in a hospital setting under intensive care. While many of the population can get smallpox vaccine, there are some who are allergic to the vaccine or its components. “… pregnant women; women who are breastfeeding; people who have, or have had, skin conditions (especially eczema and atopic dermatitis); and people with weakened immune systems, such as those who have received a transplant, are HIV positive, are receiving treatment for cancer, or are taking medications (like steroids) to suppress the immune system,” (CDC, 2016, para 14). Despite these advances in medical technology, we argue that there needs to be more done. “While certain aspects of the original research goals using live virus have been met, other key items, like the wider approval of accurate diagnostics that can distinguish smallpox from other orthopoxvirus diseases or the full licensure of new antiviral drugs and vaccines that are effective against variola virus, have not yet been completed,” (Damon, 2014, para 7). Treatments such as cidofovir and brincidofovir (CMX001) and tecovirimat (ST-246) have worked for many as a clinical drug, there are some long term side effects that follow.
The priority population for smallpox can be seen in both a macro and micro
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If there was ever an outbreak globally, the surveillance and containment strategy will help immensely. “Surveillance-containment was the key strategy but it depended on finding outbreaks and then containing them,” (Wickett, 2011, para 8). The surveillance and containment strategy is also called the ring vaccination, meaning that it involves vaccinating the contacts of the case, and their own close contacts in order to disrupt the chain of transmission. Vaccinating the close contacts of the contact meaning primary contact (household members) will provide that extra protection to individuals who are exposed if the contact develops the disease at home. Looking furthermore into the ring of vaccination, secondary contact meaning anyone around the case or its contacts need to be identifies and vaccinated in order to be protected. The surveillance and containment strategy has worked in the past and been very useful during outbreaks in America, Europe, and Australia because the transmission of smallpox occurs from close contact. Having an early interruption of the chain of transmission will be an early diagnosis, prompt of contact and vaccination, frequent monitoring of
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