What Is Social Entrepreneur?

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Question 1: What is social entrepreneur? Answer 1: Social entrepreneurs are individuals who focus on transforming existing system and practices. These people come up with innovative solutions to tackle major social issues. Social entrepreneurs are visionaries who sometimes commit there life working for society. Rather than leaving social need to government and business sectors, they try to figure out what is not working, what are the necessary steps that should be taken to solve problem and then spreading out the solution. Question 2: How do you define social corporate responsibility (SCR) accounting? How does this relate to the sustainability movement that is popular now? Answer: Social corporate responsibility accounting can be defined as accountability of effects of company’s actions on the society or particular group. It also measures company sense of responsibility towards the community and environment in which it operates. Company express this through waste and production reduction policies, by contributing to educational and social program or by increasing employees and shareholders wealth. Sustainability movement also see impact of companies action on society and environment but it’s also forcing companies to calculate risk, cost, opportunities and monetary gains involved with those actions so that investors and society can get clear picture of company. Question 3: Research the roots of SCR. Why do you believe it is not prominent today as in the 1970s? What is your
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