What Is Social Media? Social Media Is An Online Tool That

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What is social media? Social media is an online tool that is widely used throughout the world. Social media can be used as a source of communication in many ways. Social media can be used in business, for texting purposes and spreading news to others. In America, social media can be a useful tool as a source for communication, but using it long term can cause health problems that may not be preventable. Using social media can cause many mental and physical health problems by showing lack of self esteem, develop social problems and obesity. Using social media for a long time everyday can lead to addiction, bad vision, depression and cyberbullying. Social media can be used in a variety of ways and can be used by many online sites through…show more content…
This shows that the more teens use social medias, the more issues they have to overcome and develop as time goes by. Teens would also have less focus on schoolwork and even what they are suppose to do at home such as chores. As a result, these problem may affect them as teens become older and as they start their adult life. As teens develop more of these problems, they would be more isolated and antisocial and eventually will have less confidence on themselves or even talking to anyone that they trust or close to such as friends and family which makes them feel useless to be in society with everyone else. Many teens use social media every minute or second everyday which leads to a major problem of addiction. According to an article, Sienna O Connor’s parent Amber states “We’ve just heard too many stories of kids who were addicted to their phones”(Gowans). Social media is so addicting that teens cannot stay away from in their life. According to a study printed in The Nation’s Health in 2011 states that “Teens send an average sixty texts per day, with twenty percent of student reporting that they are hyper texters, sending more than one hundred and twenty texts per school day. More than eleven percent of student reported spending three hours or more a day on social networking sites”(Gowans). This shows that teens spend most of the time in front of the screen and not spending time outside for fun, with family, exercising or even not focusing schoolwork. Teens who
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