What Is Social Responsibility?

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What is Social Responsibility?: The idea of Social Responsibility really comes down to an ethical framework that suggests that a company’s actions should be for the general benefit of society as a whole over self-interest. This doesn’t mean that a company has to stop all profit generating operations to focus 100% of its resources on philanthropy, but rather that they make decisions that pertain to their business that help protect the individual rights of their employees and customers. With that said, do companies have an ethical duty to be socially responsible? Those Who Benefit When considering social responsibility, some simply assume that companies are harmed because they sacrifice their time and money to the benefit of society. They…show more content…
Those Who Are Harmed While the list of those who benefit via social responsibility is perceived as endless, conversely those who are harmed by social responsibility is very limited. Companies have the possibility of being harmed financially, but as has already been expressed and will continue to be expressed, this typically is not the case. Those who receive the most harm are the companies that are not socially responsible. The negative publicity that is generated can have a significant impact on a business. Examples of Socially Responsible Companies Hershey’s One of the best examples of a company that has used its increased influence all over the world for the betterment of those who make their business possible is the Hershey Company. For The Hershey Company, sustainability is part of an ongoing and expanding commitment to corporate social responsibility deeply rooted in its heritage since Milton Hershey founded the company. For more than 50 years, Hershey has been a major buyer of West African cocoa beans, primarily Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana. During that period, Hershey has helped family cocoa farmers and communities develop more productive agriculture practices, build educational and community resources, and improve labor practices. (Hershey’s) The people of West Africa are doing their best with the opportunities that they have to live and provide for their loved ones. The relationship that they have had with providing Hershey with cocoa beans for their
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