What Is Space Of Space?

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What is space? Adrian Forty, a professor that has been teaching architectural history at the University College London, noted that there is actually a change in the definition of words through time, even a word as simple as “space”. He discussed that the definitions of “space” in architecture are not constant, and it is actually a fleeting term in architecture. Dating back to the 18th century, people mainly used “void” and “volume”, with the sporadic use of “space” as a substitute of “void”. Such development of regarding space as an architectural phrase started in Germany, where “raum”, means room or enclosure, equals to the meaning of general space too. As time goes by, things regularly changes and history gradually evolves, so does the…show more content…
There are so many different definitions partially due to the confusion brought by the mixture of the philosophical idea and physical experience. Such enormous assortment of the different possible types of space makes it very hard in defining space, especially in design. But still, intuitively, space is already a kind of three-dimensional expansion of the world surrounding us, the breaks and pauses, distance and relationships in between people, objects and people, and also in between objects. Architectural space can be defined as the three-dimensional expansion of the world surrounding us which is entered by people, and contains bold and obvious material components, particularly a base, that allows a person to notice its boundaries and is understood as a whole, that aids human activities and functions such as circulation, shelter as protection or habitation, and is purposely built or allocated by people to serve such specific uses. On the basis of this definition, not only well-defined spaces like bedrooms and living rooms, but also the organizations of furniture in order to define a spatial tract, enabling it to be seen and
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