What Is Special Agent Steven Carr : A Letter To Write A Act?

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The informant mailed the package to the FBI where Special Agent Steven Carr thumbed through the contents inside and he read a letter inside stating “This letter is confidential and directed to your President or Intelligence Chief. Please pass this letter via diplomatic pouch and do not discuss the existence of this letter in your offices or homes or via any electronic means. If you do not follow these instructions the existence of this letter and its contents may be detected and collected by US intelligence agencies.” (Bhattacharjee, 2016) This is a clear indicator of every action were calculated and his intentions were very clear in selling out the country undetected. Investigation Special Agent Carr predicated this investigation upon…show more content…
This pinpoint originated from the “Letter” stating, “My wife and daughter will be discrased… concidering the risk I am about to take I require a minimum of thirteen million dollars…many people from movies stars to atheaths in the US who reciving tens of millions of dollars a year…if I am going to going to risk my life and the future of my family I am going to get paid fair.” (Superceding Indictment, 2002) All of these indicators focused on the activities of Brian Regan through the FBI’s deductive thought process. Around mid-2001 FBI recorded and monitored Regan’s activities and linked him to the individual utilizing the fake persona email and schemed the plan to commit espionage. The FBI monitored all his internet activities and showed Regan searched for foreign embassies and approximately 26 June 2001 he boarded a flight to Germany which had no relations to official duties and returned 03 July 2001. The FBI continued to monitor his activities at his office and his internet actions revealed he accessed information outside of his normal duties pertaining to tactical information, images of missile facilities of Iran, Iraq and China. A clandestine video also placed in his office recorded him at 8 a.m. 23 August 2001, collecting a document with ballistic missile locations and observed him writing notes to himself. Approximately 11 a.m. Regan left for Dulles Airport to check in a bag going to
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