What Is Spiritual Conditions May Impact The Success Of Patient 's Treatment And How Helpful Human Faith?

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Abstract Diversity in faiths of patients and nurses is an issue in nursing care which have to be evaluated. In a hospital many patients with different faiths gets treatment at same time. It is imperative to assess whether spiritual conditions may impact the success of patient’s treatment and how helpful human faith can be.The aim of this paper is to share the spiritual perspectives of people with diverse faiths and to analyze those with Christian philosophy of faith and healing. People from distant beliefs, which include Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam were interviewed. Summary of the interview, comparison of diverse belief systems and writer’s personal insights gained from the interviews are discussed in the paper. There are various religious beliefs, values and traditions among people around the world. Nursing care includes giving care to the needy personnel those are sick and injured in the society with different faiths. Nurses usually mingle in their field with people from different faiths which require some Knowledge about their religious principles and practices to accept and provide spiritual care and faith expressions. As per Puchalski, patients those are spiritual can utilize their beliefs in coping with illness, pain, and life stresses (2001).There are countless religions around the world and each differ one another in the way of sacred rituals they perform even though ultimately all faiths teach nonviolence. The word healing considered as something that comes
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