What Is Spirituality Or Religion?

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What is spirituality? And is it only related to religion? It is hard to answer these questions as there are a lot of definitions of spirituality and what is it related to. For some people, spirituality has no meaning outside the circle of the religion. On the other hand, some people say that spirituality can exist inside the religion and also outside the religion. People should stop relating spirituality to only religion. Instead, people should know the true meaning of spirituality outside the circle of the religion as it will open doors for knowledge and have a butter understanding and better life. In the United States, religion is frequently equated with spirituality or a personal relationship with God According to the sayings of Imam Ali in “Path of Eloquence”, a man who submits to the will of God had made a wise choice. Since this amazing creature called human being was created by God, he should use his senses in a good way that pleases his God. Imam Ali’s words say that a man should practice his life in such a manner that other people will love him during his life, remember him, and say good things about him after he dies. This supports the fact that Islamic spirituality and faith can be practiced outside of the religion and amongst people.

Further more, Imam Ali speaks and teaches us about faith. Most of Ali’s teaching is not directly related to religion and God. For example, Imam Ali speaks about justice in terms of faith. People have to be fair
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