What Is Statistic Ethical Practice?

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What is statistic ethical practice? One will have to explain what ethic means. It is a norm for conduct that differentiate between that which is acceptable and that which is unacceptable. It is the concept of knowing right from wrong. One must have a moral sense of value to do no harm and to remain fair and just. To maintain ethical practice, the problem should be stated and the question need to be asked is there a conflict of interest. The facts need to be checked and verified. Relevant information need to be included. An ethical framework should consist of benevolence, trustworthiness, integrity, prudence, fairness and responsibility.
To maintain ethical practice professionalism, need to exit. The researchers need to be competent in their work and sound judgment is a must. The appropriate statistical methodologies should be used based on the type of research. They must remain in tune and keep up with any new updates that deals with the research process. It is imperative that the researcher has a concise knowledge base in theory, data, and the research method that is used in statistical studies. The researcher need to acknowledge and respect the contributions made by others by listing them in the reference section of their paper and in text citation. The research should have expert source available or it should be a peer review.
They need to realize that they are held accountable for their actions. It is their responsibility to have the funder, clients and

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