What Is Statistics?

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Foundational Knowledge: At the beginning of the semester, I had some basic knowledge about statistics. I knew about bell curves, means and standard deviations. I did not know what a confidence interval or what a standard error of measurement was. Now many months later, I know that the standard error of measurement estimates how someone's score will change over time. This is due to the fact that a person will probably not get the same score every time they retake a test. I also learned that the standard error of measurement is used to come up with a confidence interval. This is the range plus or minus of a number and somewhere in this range is person's true score. I learned this information from lectures and from hands-on experiences during…show more content…
Human Dimension: Before this class, I was not confident about using assessment to make decisions about a person's education. Now, I am more confident. After practicing how to administrator and score assessments, I understand what the scores mean and how they can be used to determine eligibility for a student. Scoring each of the labs allowed me to see where the standard scores fell on a bell curve and how the standard deviations matter. I feel as though I could use more practice by administering an assessment to an elementary student. Administering an assessment to a peer is very different than working with a student one on one, while trying to record everything and not mess up. I do feel as though I have gained more experience and am looking forward to administering an assessment to a student.

Caring: Before this semester, I valued the importance of being accurate in administering, scoring and interpreting assessment instruments. Now after the semester, I value the importance even more than before. It is incredibly important to be accurate because a student’s future depends on it. Taking the time to slowly score and double check the score is necessary. If an assessment is scored incorrectly than a student could miss out on receiving services they need or receive services that they do not need. When I realized my group got two scores out of three wrong for Lab 4, which resulted in more scores being scored incorrectly, I had to check the manual to see
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