What Is Stop And Frisk

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What is stop and frisk? Who uses stop and frisk? According to Haq stop and frisk is a “program that enables a police officer to stop, question, and frisk a person for weapons”(1). This means that a police officer can only search someone if they possess reasonable suspicion and follow their guidelines. People should have open ideas of ways of reducing gun violence and not closing before hearing the proposals. People say that stop and frisk promote racial profiling and that it invades one’s privacy rights. Police officer are human being and make mistakes because no one is perfect in this Earth. Gun violence has been a main subject now a day, where you hear it on the news about a school shooting. Stop and frisk are an effective way to bring down crime rates in one’s city yet some people may think otherwise and think it’s not acceptable. The practice of stop and frisk is necessary to protect the people and to be capable to reduce crime off the streets; without it crime rates like gun violence would increase drastically. In James Q. Wilson essay Just Take Away Their Guns he argues that restraining citizens from purchasing guns legally don’t have any effect on those who purchase firearms illegally. For example “legal constraints on the lawful purchase of guns will have little effect on the illegal use of guns”(Wilson 125). Wilson is saying that it will be tough to find the illegal firearms purchased and people would always find a way to buy guns illegally. There is no way the
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