What Is Strategic Human Resource Management ( Shrm )

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OBE63343 What is Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) a) Do examples of SHRM exist in you region of study? Give examples in your analysis. b) How do you think business (or government) in your region could approach their HRM practices more strategically Contents Abstract Introduction Main Body - Management of People for Strategic Success - Strategic Fit - Examples of SHRM in the UAE - Potential Strategies for businesses in the UAE Conclusion Bibliography Abstract This paper aims to introduce definitions relevant to the scope of SHRM according to an overview of the term as an integration of traditionally bound definitions of HR and Strategy. An integrative approach defined by Ehnert (2009) and Helfat (2007) is…show more content…
In order to come to a sufficient definition and understanding of SHRM and its potential for the organization a discursive analysis is required on the scope of strategy and HR as isolated fields. Armstrong (2010) for example outlines a definition relating to the broader concept of strategy relative to business enterprises, and the practice of strategic management as a “set of decisions and actions resulting in the formulation and implementation of strategies designed to achieve the objectives of an organization”, Armstrong (2010), Pearce & Robinson (1988). Armstrong (2010) cites research conducted by Tyson (1997) who suggests that strategy is “emergent and flexible”, occurs as a result of “actions and reactions”, and is always directed towards change, underpinned by a concern for the future, and contingent to the process of management. In an historical perspective on the scope of SHRM, the author Millmore (2007) suggests that complications evident to an understanding of SHRM reside in the assignment of a strategic function to HR itself, “given the overwhelming consensus that HRM is nothing if not strategic”. Thus the notion of SHRM as an exclusively strategic practice over and above more narrow definitions of HR is in itself a problem whereby the “S of SHRM is tautological in that it simply adds the strategic element that is already accepted as a given in HRM!” Millmore (2007). Beyond the scope of strategy, the field of
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