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What’s Strategy? Introduction The ability to sustain the business in the market is definitely a tough job. That explains why behind every company there is a strategist to come up with innovative ideas to achieve specific goals. The need for a structural organization to grow, a plan such as a unique strategy is needed. A strategy is a unique plan, a long term plan for a structural organization to achieve a targeted goal. It involves unique activities that enhance the organization to outshine from the competitors and still preserve it. There are different strategies to take into consideration but the definition of strategy that this essay will outline here focus on three questions below: 1. What forms of value do organization wants…show more content…
However, Yellow Tail has already beaten a clear path for many winemakers to follow. “[yellow tail] leap-froged all competitors with no promotional campaign, mass media, or consumer advertising. It didn’t simply steal sales from competitors; it grew the market” (Kim & Mauborgne, 2005, p.31). Conclusion A win-win situation should be established when the strategy has been introduced. In fact developing the right strategy is the first step of the 1% work; it is also the most critical 1% as it makes the 99% of the difference. Thus a strategy stress an organization to create a value that has the competences to develop and grow. “Companies must be flexible to response rapidly to competitive and market changes.” (Michael E. Porter, 1996, p.61)

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