What Is Success? Wealth and Support? or Opportunity and Talent? (Malcolm Gladwell)

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What is Success? Wealth And Support? Or Opportunity And Talent?

Every author is different than one another. Some write fiction, some write non-fiction. Others like to argue and introduce their theories and ideologies to the world. But all authors have one thing in common: each writer has a main point, or main idea, to get across the papers and into our heads. Whether it is a short story, chapter book, article, or even a paragraph written down. Every word written onto that piece of paper has a meaning or point. Reading a lot of Malcolm Gladwell’s work, I realized that it came down to one simple word that has drove him to write 100s of articles and books. That word is, Success. Gladwell has one
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But he uses the same techniques in putting his thoughts and ideas down on paper. Gladwell leaves us confused with his rhetorical questions, that even if you try to answer them you’d only come out to a dead end. He tends to use other individuals’ research to prove and back up his ideas. At times you would feel as if all that Gladwell is saying seem unreal, but he’d add professional insight that proves his stance and changes our minds. With all of this I have come to notice that Gladwell tends to tweak his thesis in different works, in order for his examples to intertwine and come to a strong conclusion. How does Gladwell do that? It is simple, he uses many examples, completely different from one another, but all come down to the same conclusion. And that is what brings the differences in his work. In “Late Bloomers” and in Outliers, Gladwell puts emphazises on practice, innate talent, and how those tow factors contribute to one’s success. in “Late Bloomers” Gladwell brings about stories of two famous artists, Cezanne and Picasso . Picasso to society is considered a prodigy, a genius born with innate talent. He painted master pieces at a young age, his talent bloomed at an early age. Cezanne, on the other hand, was a genius in transition. It is said that cezanne had the talent within hi,, but through the years, he dwelled in his talent until it brought him into success.
So basically, according to the exmples and

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