What Is Sustainable Development?

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What is sustainable development? This is an approach towards considering the finite resources of the Earth. Its goal is defined as working towards developing means by which the needs of the present are met without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainable development most commonly refers to the use and reuse of renewable energy sources. This creates a system that is “sustainable” and can keep going on into the foreseeable future. The world needs to be considered as a system since what happens in one part of the world can have an effect on a different continent. For example, air pollution in North America is known to affect the quality of air in Asia, and pesticides sprayed in Argentina can…show more content…
Their success revolutionized the green car industry because the general opinion on electric cars was that they were good for the environment but impractical. Nowadays, they are surprisingly fast and practical and everyone wants to buy one, but how green are Tesla’s cars really? This answer depends on a number of factors such as what assumptions you make, how you quantify environmental impact and even where you live and how much it is driven. Tesla’s electric cars are clean in the sense they don’t burn gas, since with the absence of a gas tank, engine and exhaust it is considered a zero- emission vehicle, but there are more things to consider than just what the cars give out. These cars run on electricity, which in turn has to be generated from a range of different sources, from nuclear fission to natural gas and even coal, therefore it is safe to say that Tesla is powered by a large amount from the burning of fossil fuels. This fact is however, acknowledged by Tesla but they are still convinced that their vehicles are far cleaner than that of their competitors who use internal-combustion. Tesla’s Model S can travel more than 265 miles on a single charge of its 85 kWh battery, which is equivalent to less than 3 gallons of gas. However, considering the energy sources that go into Tesla’s electrical grid, the Model S actually produces around 27 pounds of Co2 for a typical 40 mile drive. Ozzie Zehner,
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