What Is Talent Development Secondary?

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WHAT IS TALENT DEVELOPMENT SECONDARY? HIGHLIGHTS FROM OUR SCHOOLS 21ST CENTURY LEARNING: TEACHING TIPS AND ALL APPS, ALL THE TIME "Mind the Gap" is a phrase constantly played on speakers in subway and train stations. It 's a reminder to watch your step as you move between the train and the platform. Falling in the gap can be disastrous. In education, falling in the gap has similar implications. The charge of Talent Development Secondary is to help schools not only mind the gap, but to close it; so that students graduate and have the same opportunities as those who have never had to negotiate between the train and the platform. WHAT IS TALENT DEVELOPMENT SECONDARY? Welcome to the New York Area Talent Development Secondary newsletter—“Mind the Gap.” This edition provides an overview of Talent Development services, highlights from the schools at which we provide services, introductions to some of the team members, and a few instructional strategies. This is not a one-sided newsletter. Readers should feel free to contact the editor, make suggestions, or provide general feedback. Thank you for reading and helping children achieve great success! The chart below outlines TDS’ four pillars of success for school transformation. These pillars guide our work and are the keys to change. Teacher Teams and Small Learning Communities Teams of teachers working with a common and manageable set of students, with time built into their schedule for collaborative work and receive initial

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