What Is Talent Management? Essay

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What Is Talent Management? What Is Talent Management? Talent management is an increasingly critical function of HR departments and encompasses all the technological systems and practices that relate to developing and retaining employees. Tangentially, strong talent management - along with employee development, recognition,empowerment and involvement - attracts better talent than working without a thoughtful talent management program, so talent management helps with recruiting efforts. Often bearing different names - including capital and performance management - talent management focuses heavily on the manager 's role during the life-cycle of each employee 's career with the company. Everything that a company does to recruit, develop, reward and promote people in-house is part of talent management. In fact, human capital management software, or HCM, is rapidly replacing traditional HR software and HRIS systems. Aspects of Talent Management Best practices for talent management no longer include being just a part of HR duties but increasingly involve the establishment of dedicated sub-departments of professionals to manage. Talent management divisions of HR departments are now charged with recruiting, developing and retaining the most talented people, and in this capacity, personnel often manage onboarding, performance reviews through managerial training and direction and even choosing on-demand staff for special projects. Many of these duties are automated through SaaS

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