What Is Tao Te Ching A Classic In Chinese Philosophy

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Tao Te Ching is a classic in Chinese philosophy, which teaches the way. It focuses on individual life, and requires one to be humble and modest. In the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu talks about Tao, which is the way. It existed right from the very beginning, it is like a natural law, and can never be fully understood. The famous symbols of Tao are water, the female, and the infant. We are to learn lessons from these. Water is beneficial to all, and it dwells in low places. It is natural, and willing to be the lowest amongst all, this is why it is so close to Tao. The natural is always superior to the artificial. The female is gentle, flexible and brings life into this world, and this is the same with Tao because it is the mother of all creations, and it is never used up. The strength of males are perceived strengths, while the gentleness and flexibility of females are actual strengths. In Taoism, the female is superior to the male. The infant symbolizes weakness, and this attribute is also closer to Tao. Emptiness, non-action and humility are also required. For example, in a bowl, it is the emptiness that makes it useful. When we keep our minds empty, we are able to see things for what they really are. We are also told to empty the mind and fill…show more content…
In the pursuit of riches and selfish desires, people forget what’s really important, and spend an eternity chasing illusions. If everyone only worried about ‘filling their bellies’ there would be less chaos, but with the procurement of riches comes unrest. The fear of losing all that you have acquired makes you unable to enjoy them. In all our endeavours as humans, moderation is key, and Lao Tzu points that out a number of times. We have to learn to be satisfied with what we have instead of chasing things which we do not really
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