What Is Technology Enhanced Crime

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Technology is one of the major issues of globalization over the world today. I said that to say this; technology has enhanced crime and increased its operations in all forms, it has enhanced immorality and it one of the causes of the dysfunction in families.
All over the world today, the crime rate has increased and so has its methods. Criminals are becoming more sophisticated when acting out crime. Furthermore, crimes do not just take place at a certain location anymore but from anywhere in the world. For example, cyber crime was unheard of even as far back as the early eighties because access to computer and the worldwide web was limited to only a few people who used it for research or to interact with a particular group now we hear of cases where people are being defrauded via the internet and this is becoming so rampant such that conducting business transaction over the internet can be scary, the
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Ideally, policies should be implemented regarding creating of content which should meet certain standards before publication; be it videos, audio, written, or pictures. Maybe producing of special computers that incorporate access to some kind of HTTP geared towards children of certain ages or computers should be made with a pin or chip that will allow parents restrict their children access to some information.
Information technology graduates should take oaths that prohibit them from using their knowledge for crime as lawyers do.
Researchers for safe technology products should be funded and supported. Creators of technology tools must incorporate security into their programs also there should be guiding factor as to what to create in terms of the effect on humans. Questions such as its productivity or its detriment should be answered before it is released into the system. In the case of families, the decision is left to them to determine what’s important and implement structures as they deem
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