What Is The Adaptation Of Tartuffe

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Tartuffe is, a French comedy, written in 1664 by Moliere about a fraud posing as a holy man with sexually deceitful intentions. The plot takes place in Orgon's house and keeps the viewers interested and aware. The story begins with Madame Pernelle visiting her son, Orgon and criticizing everyone but Tartuffe. Orgon believes Tartuffe to possess great character, and is so fooled by Tartuffe that he renders his daughter, Mariane, to marry him as well as hands over the deed to his house. Tartuffe's true intention is to take Orgon's wife, Elmire. On multiple occasions Tartuffe tries to sexually assault Elmire, until she has a plan to expose him to Orgon, so he can see the truth about Tartuffe. Tartuffe tries to take possession of the house,…show more content…
… “Lipstick brings on thoughts of lust. It is your duty as a modest young woman to avoid bringing attention to yourself”(Murphy 19). In Thomas’s adaptation it is more consistent with the original intent of the character, Tartuffe, and how he is tempted with Dorine’s bosom. The scene Murphy wrote is different from what Moliere had said. In Murphy’s version, he only recognizes Darlene's lipstick. This version is more modern of the one Moliere wrote, with mentioning the lipstick. Tartuffe thinks that lipstick brings out thoughts of desire and that she should avoid bringing attention to herself. Thomas’s adaptation it is closer to the original and how Tartuffe is aroused by Dorine’s chest. In Murphy’s version he only mentions the lipstick, thus greatly impacting the view and understanding of the character Tartuffe. As well as it impacts the audience’s awareness of the sexual aberrant of Tartuffe. Moliere wrote Tartuffe as a five act play that satirizes religious hypocrisy. Moliere adds dialogue to show conflict between characters throughout the play. In the original play Dorine and Damis have a dispute over hearing Tartuffe's conversation with Elmire. In act 3 scene 1, the scene starts off with Dorine talking about Tartuffe having eyes for Elmire and how she is going to catch him. An example of conflict between characters begins when Damis says, “I want to hear
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