What Is The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Internet

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Synthesis essay FND. GROUP M
Simonyan Hayk

Today people are living in the world of the Internet. Due to it, it is possible to get education without leaving home, see people who are live very far from, make business, earn money etc. It is a good and a powerful source for discovering anything in any sphere. However, the disadvantages of the Internet overweigh the advantages. Because of the fat that there are black markets, the web sites which harmfully effect on children, the porn sites and games which cause suicide, the dark side of the Internet is now the biggest challenge of 21st century. There are so many online markets where the Internet provides to customers all they want and can buy such as clothing, accessories, and electronic devices and so on. The benefits are comfort, time management and of course catalog with more available types. But there is also dark Internet market where customer can find and buy human organs, drugs and things that are illegal. According to Morozov (2011) individuals may offer their organs in online shop to the potential customers who
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But too much using of the Internet can cause also mental problems. The experiments show that many psychological or mental diseases such as autism, depression, schizophrenia, loneliness, and stress are the result of using too much Internet or having the disease called “internet addiction” (“Is Too Much Using Internet Making Us Sick?,” 2016, para. 3). Another proof is a at American University of Armenia from 15 to 23 years old students who filled the survey about 70 percent felt unsafe using social networks and mentioned that there is too much personal information available. This “too much available information” may be cached by hackers or other individuals and then used in order to get extra money by chant age
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