What Is The Agile And Waterfall Method In Web Application Development

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Technical Review: The Agile and Waterfall Method In Web Application Development Abstract – Today, there are millions web application or web app on the internet, including app market, such as Amazon app store, Apple Store, Chrome App Store, etc. The web application is server-based application, and client no need to install the software in their local pc or laptop. User just need to use compatible browser to access the web application at anywhere and anytime. In fact, the web application still a form of software. To develop a successful software, an appropriate software development method is critical. Because, it is a guide book to monitor the development life cycle throughout the development project. In this work, two popular methods will…show more content…
In general, it is a web-based software that the architecture consists of user interaction, logical operation, and data storage. And in most cases, software development need teamwork which means lots developer with different background work together for one goal. A proper working process would be helpful to successfully complete the development. In some situation, a system too large to build without an overall plan that coordinates the people working on it. According to Sharon Florentine, senior writer of CIO.com, 50 percent of businesses experience IT project fail in 2012. The most common reason, responded by 74 percent of interviewees, is a lack of resources to meet project demands [4]. Three years later, the failure number increased that 55 percent of businesses surveyed experienced an IT project failure within last 12 months [5]. When we create a product or provide a service, such as developing software, writing a report, generate a business analysis, we always follow a series of ordered steps to accomplish a set of tasks. To correctly produce an intended output, the tasks must be completed as specific order, we can consider a set of ordered tasks as a process, involving activities, constraints, and resources. When the process involves the building of some
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