What Is The Allegory Of Seamus Heaney Blackberry Picking

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Blackberry-Picking In the poem Blackberry-Picking by Seamus Heaney the use of detailed imagery, along with intense diction, and use of smilies throughout the poem. All these types of writing aid to the allegory of blackberry-picking to the life of a murderer throughout the whole poem. Heaney’s choice in words paint a picture in the readers mind. For example, a “glossy purple clot” that when eaten leaves “stains upon the tongue” of the man who picked it, one can easily picture a juicy black berry that discolored ones tongue. Followed with unique diction like, “glossy,” “blobs,” and “rat-grey,” the images became more detailed. Then continued further with smilies such as, “hard as knots,” and “like a plate of eyes,” create an even deeper
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